Angelia Hepburn

Angelia M. Hepburn was born in 1967 near Chicago, Illinois, a descendant of a European traveling circus family who sold their circus to become farmers.

Photography has been an undying love of Angelia’s for over 20 years. Throughout this time she has photographed a wide variety of subjects, including people, animals, landscape and products in both studio and natural environments. Her sensitivity and her use of light are what set her images apart.

Angelia has worked in the darkroom as well as with Photoshop for more than ten years and digital cameras for over five years, thus allowing her the knowledge and experience to exert complete control over her images.

Angelia Hepburn’s images speak for themselves.

Douglas Berman

Primarily I write to communicate to others.

Sometimes I write to communicate with myself.

Sometimes I write because I can.

Primarily I paint to create something pleasant.

Sometimes I paint to communicate an astrological or abstract concept.

Sometimes I paint to avoid writing.

I work with astrology to increase my understanding of how life works.

I take photographs as a form of journalism or as an adjunct to painting.

Apparently one must do something other than watch baseball.

Chuck Behrman

Chuck Behrman has been a photgrapher for over 30 years, specializing in Advertising Photography and, since 1992 has worked extensively with Photoshop to improve and create his images.

Chuck’s fine art photography contains images created over the expanse of his career and is available in the form of color pigment giclee and black & white carbon Piezography prints. The subject matter ranges from scenic & landscapes to animals, still life & flowers. His images vary from realistic to fantasy.

Many of his decorative images are available in custom colors to coordinate with your environment.


Kate has spent decades developing recipes for extraordinary dessert creations & pies. This led her to the unique photography/art of these specialty desserts, expanding into coffee, wine and other kitchen decor.

Kate’s fine art photography contains images that are available in the form of color pigment giclee prints. Her images vary from realistic to fantasy and include scenic, food, flowers, old photographs and animals.

Kitchen decorative images are at the core of Kate’s work.